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Our courses -Face-to-face courses

  • In order to place the students in the correct level, all participants should take an online test prior to their arrival. Should this not be possible, the student will have to take a test on the first day, before entering the class.
  • Every session (hour) in the group courses lasts 55 minutes.
  • A private class lasts 60 minutes.
  • In case the number of participants in a class is less than 3 students, they will have 2 hours semi-private tuition (instead of 4 sessions)
  • At the end of each unit, you will make an evaluation test.
  • At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate and a report.
  • For reservations made less then 5 days before the start of the course please ask us for availability.
  • Responsible for the Centre. Mr. Francisco Pérez Navarro.
  • The school is provided with internal quality control procedures. Every student fills out an evaluation questionnaire at the end of the course.
The school will be closed on the following days: 

2022 January 1 st until the 10th – January 6th – March 1st – April 2nd – May 1 st – August 16 th – October 12 th – November 1st
December 6th and 8th & from the 26th until the 31st of December 2022


Further conditions

  • Refunds, partial refunds or compensation of any kind will not be given for Public Holidays, for days missed during the course, for late arrival or early departure, days missed due to adverse weather conditions, acts of governments, interruption of electrical power, fire, floods, war, other natural disasters, disease outbreaks or other Acts of Gods.
  • During peak times classes may be held at additional premises and may run at different times.
  • If a student wishes to return to their home country or take holidays elsewhere during the term of their English Language Programme they are free to do so, but no credit will be given for missed study time.
  • In the event that students are unable to attend lessons due to illness, these sick days will not be added to the end of the course period.
  • Students will only be excused from class in case of illness or to attend their appointment at the immigration office. No other reasons will be taken into consideration and the student will be marked as absent. Under no circumstances the student will obtain credit or a refund for missed study time.

Accomodation and ages

Host family:

MARAVILLAS PROGRAMAS INTERNACIONALES S.L. has a specific person in charge of the selection of the host families. This person inspects all the houses of the host families every year, keeps a date base with details of each host: number of rooms, their size and pieces of furniture available, as well as additional amenities and services.
In addition it contains all the information concerning with the family structure, children, relatives living at home, pets, dietary and smoking habits.

MARAVILLAS PROGRAMAS INTERNACIONALES S.L. guarantees a smoke-free environment. Families and students should smoke outside (on the terrace, balcony or in garden)
The average distance of the families’ houses is 10 minutes walking from the school. (Maximum distance 25 minutes walking)        

Depending on the students’ needs, they will be assigned to a family, according to the following criteria:
-Students attending courses for adults (+18) never share a family with students under 18 years old.
-Adults (+18) stay individually at a rate of one student per family or in case of couples or friends they can share a room

-In the case of  teen students, (13 to 17 years old) the school houses up to a maximum of four students, same gender, per family.
– Students of different gender do not share the same room, with the exception of siblings.
-In our International Summer Courses for teenagers, the school always places students from different nationalities at the same house, so that the use of their mother tongues is avoided and Spanish language practice is encouraged, unless we are specifically asked to do otherwise.
-During his/her stay, the student may request one (1) change of accommodation at no additional cost, if the assigned family does not meet the student’s expectations or if any problem occurs; any further change of accommodation will have an additional cost of 25€ in terms of transportation and compensation

-Should the student suffer from any kind of allergy or illness, it must be notified to us at the time of booking.


Online private lessons

  • You can book your private classes up to 5 days before the first lesson
  • In case you have to cancel a class you should notify the school in writing at least 24 hours in advance and the class will be postponed to another day, according to the teacher’s availability
  • In case you cancel less the 24 hours or if the student doesn’t show up at the lesson, the cost of the entire class will be debited
    In case of not being able to take a class due to technical problems derived from a bad connection, the class will be repeated at a time and date agreed by both parties
  • Although we know the importance of maintaining the same teacher throughout the course, we reserve the right to change the teacher to a student, if necessary.
  • The classes must be paid before the beginning of the course by credit card through a secure page of the school or by bank transfer. Once the payment is received, the student will receive an email indicating the day and time of the first lesson and the instructions to access the platform and start the class.

Conditions only for the AVE course ONLINE:

MARAVILLAS PROGRAMAS INTERNACIONALES S.L. has neither control nor responsibility regarding the functioning of the AVE platform, and in any case will be responsible for possible system failures that may occur. The AVE online course offers different levels to learn. In this way, the license sold by MARAVILLAS PROGRAMAS INTERNACIONALES S.L. only matches to one of those levels: A1, A2, B1, B2 or C1. The student has the option to buy as many licenses as he/she wishes for any of those levels (ex: A1 and A2). This is a unit price and there will not be extra charges for the reservation of the course. The inscription will only be realized by purchasing the course in advance. The duration of the course is 21 days and it starts from the moment the student receives the login details in the system. The course does not include a teacher, and once it has been completed, the student can do a self evaluation in order to check his progress. The licenses can only be used by the buyers and are not transferrable.



Complete the online registration form and a confirmation of your application will be sent by email within a few days.

(Please note that the system won’t send your form until you have read and accepted our “terms and conditions”)

To be correctly registered in our courses a downpayment of 150 euros is requested, you can pay by E-PAYMENT, by international money order (post office) to our address or by bank transfer to:

BANKINTER – Avenida Salvador Vicente 1 29631 Benalmadena
IBAN: ES6301280785850100045037

All course fees should be paid in full at least 15 days prior to the student commencing his/her course.

Maravillas Programas Internacionales reserves the right to cancel all arrangements and bookings without prior notice if our payment conditions are not met.

If paying by bank transfer please add 12euros for bank charges. The balance must be paid upon receipt of our confirmation and invoice, always before the student’s arrival.

All enrollments are subjected to the following conditions, which become legally binding upon acceptance of the enrollment by MARAVILLAS PROGRAMAS INTERNACIONALES S.L.


Visa requirements

Non-EEA students should contact their local Spanish Embassy for information about visa requirements. It is responsability of the agent or student to ensure that the correct visa is applied for.

Check the “FEDELE Association of spanish schools” website for more details:

The school will issue the required documents to apply for a student visa. The documents will show the correct dates of the course booked by the student and a certificate will only be issued once full payment has been received.

The student commits to meeting all immigration requirements, such as keeping good attendance rates and sitting the end-of-course exit exam

Maravillas Programas Internacionales cannot give any guarantees for successful visa applications.

Where a visa has been refused, Maravillas will refund fees to the student (or the agent) on receipt of evidence of the visa refusal plus the refusal number. All fees which have been paid will be refunded, less the deposit paid.

Where refunds are made by bank transfer, the bank charges will also be deducted from the balance. Refunds will be made only to: (a) The original payer and (b) The account from which payment was originally received to ensure compliance with international laws for the prevention of financial offences. If the intended commencement date of an English Language Programme is delayed because of visa problems, Maravillas will adjust your tuition or accommodation end date subject to availability. No refund will be made.



All cancellations must be notified in writing to Maravillas Programas Internacionales no less than 28 days before the start of the course.
The deposit of 150 euros is non-refundable.


Cancellations received:
• 21 – 14 days before the start of the course: 90 % of the remaining fees will be refunded
• 14 – 7 days before the start of the course: 75 % of the remaining fees will be refunded
• less than 7 days: no refund

  • Host family accommodation: notice provided of 2 weeks – full refund given
  • Shared apartments: notice provide 28 days – full refund given
  • Notice period of less than 28 days – no refund given
  • Hotel / aparthotels: There we use external providers then we must apply their terms and conditions

If the student wishes to withdraw after the start of the course, there will be no refund of fees. Any refund can only be made by the office or representative to whom the fees were originally paid.


Prior to arrival:

If cancelling for COVID-19 related reasons and up to 14 days in advance of the date of arrival the student will get a 100% refund on tuition and accommodation fees; if the student cancels less than 14 days prior to arrival –€ 60 as cancellation fees. 

Once in Spain/Tuition:
If you need to cut the trip short due to COVID-19 related reasons, you can either take online classes, accept a voucher for future study in the next 12 months, or cancel the remaining programme and get a refund for the balance of the tuition (for full weeks, not partial weeks). 

Once in Spain/ Homestay accommodation or shared apartments
If you need to cut the trip short due to COVID-19 related reasons the school will issue a voucher for future use (for full weeks, not partial weeks). if the student booked an apartment / hotel not owned by the school – other conditions may apply. Any refund can only be made by the office or representative to whom the fees were originally paid.

If the student wishes to withdraw after the start of the course, there will be no refund of fees.


Late arrival or absence:

Periods of absence for vacation or any other reason may not be made up with free extension of the course. Fees are not transferrable from one person to another. 


There is no refund of fees for curtailment of a course after commencement. These terms also apply to students who are part of a group. The cancellation fees will be waived if there is a replacement student.

Expulsion No refund. 

Students who are expelled will be sent home immediately at their own expense. 

Force Majeure 

MARAVILLAS will not be responsible for any failure to comply with any of its obligations (and therefore shall not be required to provide any compensation) if the failure is occasioned by any cause beyond MARAVILLAS’s reasonable control. Nor shall MARAVILLAS be responsible for any costs incurred by or on behalf of the students as a result of any such cause. Such causes shall include, but shall not be limited to, act of government, war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, unusually adverse weather conditions and infectious diseases. 

General Conditions 
  • MARAVILLAS does not accept responsibility for costs incurred due to flight delays, (i.e. accommodation etc.) 
  • MARAVILLAS does not take responsibility for any loss or theft of belongings. 
  • Students are expected to have appropriate medical and travel insurance. 
  • There is no refund of fees for days missed during the course, or for late arrival or early departure, or for public holidays. 
  • MARAVILLAS reserves the right to cancel all arrangements and bookings without prior notice if our payment conditions are not met
  •  While MARAVILLAS aims to be as inclusive as possible, there are instances in which we may not be equipped or trained to best cater for your needs. In cases you are a student with a particular mobility issue, learning difficulty or other condition that might impede your learning or access to MARAVILLAS facilities, we ask that you first check with us before booking. 
Social Media 

MARAVILLAS reserves the right to expel any student found abusing or insulting any other student, or homestay accommodation, on any form of social media. 

Legal Notice 

MARAVILLAS reserve the right to alter and amend information published without notice. We reserve the right not to accept applications


Students with special dietary or medical problems are accepted solely at the discretion of the School principal There is a supplementary charge for celiac, vegetarians, vegans and students with special dietary requirements.

MARAVILLAS cannot accept students with enuresis (bed-wetting). 

 In the peak months of June, July and August MARAVILLAS reserve the right to place two students of the same mother tongue in the same homestay accommodation. The school will do everything reasonably possible to meet students’ accommodation requests. 

Students who are 18 years and over are strongly recommended to attend our adult course.

MARAVILLAS  reserves the right to charge a student €25 for change of host family. 

We do not provide single rooms for junior students 

Important: Students attending our junior program must obey the school rules for Junior Students. Students who take alcohol or drugs will be sent home immediately at their parents’ expense. There will be no refund of fees for such students. Parents will be immediately advised of the expulsion and must make arrangements for their child to return home immediately.



Non -Spanish EC nationals are entitled to the same health care service as a Spanish National. EC Citizens are required to obtain Form E111 from their local health authority prior to arrival to Spain in order to avail of the health care service in Spain. MARAVILLAS PROGRAMAS INTERNACIONALES S.L. doesn’t accept responsibility for losses or damages to personal properties. Students are advised to take out personal insurance to cover them against any cause above-mentioned and loss of fees through non-arrival, absence or unexpected termination of the course. MARAVILLAS PROGRAMAS INTERNACIONALES S.L. reserves the right to alter dates, fees or teaching premises without prior notice. We do not arrange accommodation for persons not attending our courses with the exception of spouses or children of students. If you wish MARAVILLAS PROGRAMAS INTERNACIONALES S.L. can provide a Travel and Medical Insurance. Please ask us for a quotation and the covers included.


Content On Our Site

Our site includes a combination of content that we create, that our partners create and that our users create. All materials published on our sites, including, but not limited to, written content, photographs, graphics, images, illustrations, marks, logos, sound or video clips and flash animation, are protected by our copyrights or trademarks or those of our partners. You may not modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, reproduce, create derivative works of, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display or in any way exploit any of the materials or content or our sites in whole or in part. We do not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of the content on our site. You may not rely on any of this content, including, but not limited to, product reviews, white papers and product descriptions. Without limitation, we are not responsible for postings by users in the user opinion, message board or feedback sections of our site.


Privacy Policy

Additional information about Data Protection

1. Responsible

Who is responsible for your data processing?

Postal address: Avda. Salvador Vicente 9, 29631, Benalmádena, Málaga
Phone: +34 952447000
Delegate Contact Data Protection:

2. Purposes

For what purpose do we process your personal data?

In compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”), we inform you that, whether you are a student, provider or agent, at MARAVILLAS PROGRAMAS INTERNACIONALES S.L. we process the provided data for the following purposes:

  • Course registration.
  • Commercial communications.
  • Activities and other services registration.
  • Attendance and certification registrations.
  • Quality evaluations.
  • Publication of brochures.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Booking and transfer organization.
  • Service management, including reminders and notices through various means.
  • Registration in our contact list.
  • Preventing abuses and frauds in the use of our services.
  • Commercial profile preparation. When browsing our website, and with your consent, whether you are a student or not, through cookies, we can develop a commercial profile based on the provided information to show personalized advertising. Automated decisions based on this profile that produces legal or significant effects on you will not be made.
  • Transfer data to public institutions and authorities, as long as they are required in accordance with legal and regulatory provisions.

3. Data retention periods

How long will we keep your data?

If you are a student, your data will be kept during the contractual relationship with us, ask for its suppression, as well as the time necessary to comply with legal obligations.
If you are an agent, your data will be kept for the time necessary to enable the management of your current and future customers. In any case, we will keep your data for the time necessary to comply with legal obligations.
Regardless of whether you are a student, agent or belong to another profile, we will keep your data for a maximum period of 24 months.

4. Rights

What are your rights when you provide us with your information and how can you exercise it?

You have the right to get confirmation on whether we are treating personal data that concerns you at MARAVILLAS PROGRAMAS INTERNACIONALES S.L., or not.
Also, you have the right to access your personal data, as well as to request the rectification of inaccurate data or, where appropriate, request its suppression when, among other reasons, the data is no longer necessary for the purposes that were collected.
In certain circumstances, you can request the limitation of your data processing, in this case, we will only keep it for the exercise or complaints defense.
Additionally, in certain circumstances and for reasons related to your particular situation, you may object to your data processing. MARAVILLAS PROGRAMAS INTERNACIONALES S.L. will stop processing the data, except for legitimate compelling reasons, or the exercise or defense of possible claims.
Likewise, you can exercise the right to the portability of the data, as well as withdraw the provided consents at any time, without affecting the legality of the treatment based on the consent prior to its withdrawal.
If you wish to make use of any of your rights you can contact us through the emails indicated in section 1. Alternatively, you can also contact us by post at the following address: Maravillas Programas Internacionales, Avda. Salvador Vicente 9, 29631, Benalmádena, Malaga, Spain. Stating on the envelope “Data Protection”. Remember to provide as much information as possible about your request: Name and Last name, email address.
Finally, we inform you that you can contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency and other relevant public institutions for any claim arising from your personal data processing.

5. Cookies policy

What cookies do we use?

To find out about the cookies we use on this website, remember that you can access our Cookies Policy through the following link

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